It is natural to have questions about mental health care and our services, especially in a country like ours where it is difficult to access good mental health care. We will attempt to answer some common questions that we are asked about our functioning.

When can I call your helpline?

Jeevan Aastha Helpline is a 24x7 helpline, which functions every day of the year- including festivals and public holidays. You can call anytime according to your comfort and convenience.

Are your counsellors qualified to provide mental health counselling?

Yes, all our counsellors are well-qualified and experienced in counselling. They are trained in telephonic counselling.

What if my details are leaked?

Our helpline maintains complete confidentiality. Rest assured, whatever you disclose to our counsellors will remain between you and the team of Jeevan Aastha.

What kind of calls do you deal with?

We have various categories of calls that we handle, ranging from suicidal, social, interpersonal, academic, financial, occupational, psychological, physiological and addiction issues.

I want to donate to your organization. Do you accept donations?

While we appreciate the gesture, no, we do not accept donations. We do hope that you will find another equally worthwhile cause to be a part of.

I am worried about honestly talking to you about my problem because you are part of a police organization.

We are part of the Suraksha Setu Society that functions under the police, but our association with the police is only with regards to administration. Details of cases are kept within the team of Jeevan Aastha, and not disclosed anywhere. Our only aim is to help our callers come out of their problem through the medium of counselling, ensuring confidentiality.

Issues Addressed

We face a lot of problems and issues in our lives. Sometimes, these problems can cause severe mental distress. Following are the areas related to which, we provide mental health counselling.

If you are undergoing stress and frustration related to your field, we can help you cope.

If you are going through physical or psychological distress, we can try to ease your pain through counselling.

If you are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or anything that is harmful for your mind and body, we can help you come out of it.

If you are facing problems with the people around you, we can try to help you deal with them.